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Java Applets

This applet creates a very novel effect. It streams a picture onto the screen, one line of pixels at a time! The effect can make the colours look like they are being poured onto the screen like liquid metal or even treacle!

Below you will see the parameters needed to use this applet:-

<applet code="RMS_Treacle.class" width=462 height=116>
<param name=limit value=50>
<param name=direction value=1>
<param name=pausedelay value=30>
<param name=photo value="treacle1.jpg">

The height and width of the applet should be set to the same size as the image being used. The file name for the image is specified in the "photo" parameter.

The direction can have one of four values:

  1. = left to right
  2. = bottom to top
  3. = right to left
  4. = top to bottom
Pausedelay tells the applet how long to pause before it starts its animation again. It is measured in units of the applets "limit" parameter. So for the above example were the limit is set to 50 milliseconds and the pausedelay is set to 30, the applet would pause for 1500 milliseconds or 1.5 seconds.

When using this applet, carefully consider the size of the image being used and the speed of the animation. It takes alot of processing power to achieve this effect so keep the file size of the image as small as possible.

This applet is free for non-commercial use and you may download it here.